RealFlight Upgrade to G5

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RealFlight Upgrade to G5 GPMZ4448

RealFlight Upgrade to G5
This is the RealFlight G5 Upgrade DVD from Great Planes.
Does not include Interlink Controller.
RealFlight G5 Upgrade uses the Futaba?-style controller that came with your older version of compatible RealFlight software. After the upgrade, you'll enjoy the same familiar, unchanged controller functions that you always have.


Upgrades RealFlight G3, G3.5, G4 and G4.5 simulators to the new features of G5.
Fly with up to 31 other RealFlight pilots using your internet connection and G5's Multiplayer.
Create Combat Events using Streamer Cut, Paintball, Rocket and Machine Gun.
With the Targeting System you can select a single opponent from any number of participants and track their movement throughout the virtual battle field.
New Onboard Camera Features allow you to add cameras anywhere on the aircraft. First Person Video (FPV) gives you the view from the pilot's seat. Camera angle changes can be servo actuated.
Over 75 aircraft and 30 flying sites
Onboard cameras
Night flying
Water takeoffs and landings
Full coverage collision detection
Flight training aids
Unlimited customizing

INCLUDES: RealFlight G5 Upgrade DVD

  • Model:GPMZ4117 Expasion Pack 7